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Plantation Machinery for Coffee, Cocoa, Conveying equipments and Spare Parts Manufacturer

Integral engineering deals with manufacturing of Agricultural machinery consists of Maize, Millets and Multi grains . Also manufactures machinery for Coffee and Cocoa.
We are leading machinery manufacturer of plantation machinery related to coffee, Cocoa to process from their initial stage to final stage. We also manufacture spare parts for coffee plantation machinery.

From cherry to Green coffee in Coffee.
Also manufacture various conveyors to suit to the industry need.
We manufacture
- Plantation machinery for coffee
- Plantation machinery for cocoa
- Conveying equipments
- General Engineering Spares as per customers' drawings.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Integral Engineering  has acquired ISO certification.
ISO certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. With the ISO 9001 Standard, Integral Engineering demonstrates its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement. We intend 

  • To provide products and services that consistently meet customers’ needs
  • To enhance customer satisfaction through a processes of continual improvement
  • To ensure it conforms with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

Coffee Process Machinery

Mini Disc Pulper with horizontal washer(aqua pulper /echo pulper)  
To give high quality of processed coffee and more yield

Single Disc Pulper with Engine Drive

To pulp ripe coffee to parchment in wet processing plants.

4 Disc Coffee Pulper 

To pulp ripe coffee beans coffee and more yield

Rotary Coffee Drier Machinery
Rotary coffee drier machinery is used
to dry the Ripe Cherry fruits, Wet parchment and Green coffee. 

Rotary Coffee Drier Heat Exchanger
In this rotary coffee drier machinery, Heat Generation is by LPG gas, Coal, firewood/husk fired, diesel burner.

Batch Drier - 4000 litres
To enable the drying of the coffee directly from drying yard, eliminating the long time in the drum 

To process the dry cherry.

Peeler & Polisher
To process the parchment.

Pneumatic Separator
To remove the light weight product to free from shell and bits and brokens


Pneumatic Conveyor

Coffee beans are being conveyed to roaster hopper using pneumatic conveyor

Manual garbling with Inspection Table  Conveyor Machinery
Coffee beans are manually garbled in the inspection table and sent in the conveyor.

Coffee Roaster Assembly
To roast the green bean.

Coffee  Grinder
To grind the roasted bean.

Coffee Blending Machinery
Coffee blending machines are used for blending coffee with chicory.

Coffee Processing

To know the Complete process of Coffee Processing click the below button

Spare Parts

We manufacture General Engineering Spare parts according to the customers' drawings.

Integral Engineering
  • Integral Engineering is a leading manufacturer of processing machinery for coffee, Cocoa and other agricultural products like wheat, maize and Bajra and other grains.... <Read More>
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