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Integral Engineering is a leading manufacturer of processing machinery for coffee, Cocoa and other agricultural products like wheat, maize and Bajra and other grains.These processing machinery Pre clean, De stone, Peel & polish and grades these agricultural grains to various sizes. Also according to the weight it segregates these grains using Densimetric table and Gravity table in a fluidized medium of air.
We do ancillary equipments to facilitate the above process like conveying the product , and storing the products. In detail we do all sorts of conveyors including elevators and Storage Bins /BIG Silos to fulfill the plant requirements.
We are not only concentrating on agricultural machinery. We do supply general machinery spares like Gears, Pulleys, wheels, fabricated steel frame for machinery base and other important spares like Bearings, Bushes, Fasteners.
We do procurement of standard components of engine spares, textile machinery spares, Cement industry spares made of C.I, Steel, alloys and aluminum die casting products. For which our outsourcing / vendor development engineers will identify and procure the relevant spares.
After procuring the relevant Casted components we machine the components with the high end machinery to the required precision level as per customer’s requirement based on their detailed drawing.
The success behind our manufacturing is systematic process with consistent Quality and on time delivery of machinery to meet the customer’s expectation.

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.

Wet Coffee Pulping Plant Machinery

Integral Engineering manufactures machinery for Wet Coffee pulping apart from Dry mill plant machinery. This wet process usually applies for Coffee Plantation. In coffee plantation fruits plucked from the trees are collectively dumped into the fruit vat and from there starts the wet process.

a) Pre cleaner: This pre cleaner is intended to remove the twigs, rubbles of small stones and muds from the cherry coming from fruit vat. The screen with various sizes of holes, smoothly removes all the debris and ensure clean input to next level.
b) Green Bean Separator: Integral offers this machinery to remove the Green cherry from the bulk input of cherry. As Green cherry is usually harder than Ripe cherry it is easily segregated by a screw type conveying mechanism.
c) Cherry Feeder and Stone catcher: This is used to feed uniformly the cherry and also to catch small stone and other debris if present in the next stages aprat from the pre cleaning level.
d) Disc pulper: Integral Engineering offers different variants of pulper to process the cherry. We offer Drum pulper, Mini pulper and 1/2/3/4 Disc pulpers. These pulpers are used to remove the outer skin of the cherry and squeeze out the wet parchment.
e) Aagard Pre Grader with Re passer pulper: This aagard pre grader segregates the parchment both by size and weight and thus ensures the grade of the parchment, which then flows to the Fermentation tank. The un pulped or half pulped beans are again passed through the auxiliary pulper / Re passer Pulper to process further.
f) Rotary Sieve: Integral offer an economic model to segregate the wet Parchment instead of Aagard Pre grader.
g) Mucilage remover / Washer: Integral manufactures both vertical and horizontal type mucilage remover. After Fermentation, This is used to wash the mucilage from the wet parchment efficiently without nibs and cuts.
h) Rotary / Flat Deck Hot air Drier: Integral builds both rotary batch type drier and Flat deck chain Drier. This is being used to dry the parchment effectively and quickly.

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.                                  

Dry Mill Plant Machinery

Integral engineering manufactures the following machinery for agricultural grains based on their types of process.
Dry processing machinery
a) Destoner: Removes the stone and Iron scrap if any from the input material . It works nicely such that removes even small stones and prevent the subsequent process machinery getting damaged.
b) Precleaner: Pre clean and remove the twigs, unwanted material like strings, rope and muds from the bulk material
c) Processing machinery: Huller & Peeler polisher is used to hull the cherry and Peeler polisher to peel the parchment skin and polishes the Coffee and similarly for other agricultural products.
d) Pneumatic separator / Winnower: Filtering the chaff and shell products by blowing it and segregating thee good products
e) Flat Deck Grader / Cylinderical Grader: To grade the material according to the size defined by coffee board standards.
f) Gravity Separator / Densimetric Table: Based on the weight of the material this machinery will segregate the light , medium and heavy weight materials using fluidized bed of air.
g) Coffee Bean Roaster and Grinder: Finally after the complete process of obtaining the coffee bean we offer Roaster and grinders with renowned manufacturer of ITALY roasting machine and Grinders. 

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.


Integral engineering build and manufacture various types of conveyors to convey the material. According to the plant layout it is designed suitably and accommodated for transferring the material in vertical and horizontal directions.

Types of conveyor:
a)Screw type conveyors
b) Inclined conveyors with PVC belt fixed with cleats
c) Vertical and Inclined type conveyors with buckets
d) Magnetic conveyors.

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.

General Engineering spares

Continuous improvement is our forte and we strive hard to offer a precision engineered range of all types of bar stock components, C.I grade Gears, Pulleys, Machine frame, Machine Bed and Aluminum Die casting components suitable to textile industry, Cement Industry, Agricultural & mining machinery, Pharmaceutical and Food & consumables industry.
Our engineers always use high quality raw material & tools for manufacturing these products, adapting the set industry standards to fulfill our customer requirements.
We also outsource some of the components to meet the customer’s expectation. We are a well-known organization engaged in offering high quality Cast Iron Casting. These castings are manufactured by making use of premium grade raw material that is sourced from trusted vendors of the market. We offer these castings in varied sizes and dimensions completely machined. 

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.

Coffee Processing Machinery

* Integral Engineering will be manufacturing all kind of Coffee Processing Machinery and will be supplied, installed and commissioned at customer site globally.
* The process starts from Ripe Cherry Coffee Fruits till Coffee Powder Packing. Integral Engineering manufactures and supplies all machinery involved in all the processes on a turnkey basis . The complete process are given below
  * Pre Cleaner for Ripe cherries,
  * Green cherry (Bean) separations,
  * Coffee Pulping, Ecological Coffee vertical Pulper,
  * Water drainer for Fermentation & Soaking Tanks
  * Rotary sieve assy,
  * Re passer Pulper,
  * Mini Disc Pulper & Mini Disc Coffee Pulper
  * Coffee Drum Pulper,
  * Eco Coffee Pulper,
  * Vertical Washer, (Aqua) Mucilage Remover,
  * Integral Aagaard Belt type Pre Grader,
  * Siphon Type Aagaard Pre Grader.
  * Rotary Coffee Dryer for Cherry, Parchment & Green Beans Coffee.
  * Storage silos,
  * Elevators,
  * Pulper Skin dispose Screw conveyors,
  * Dry Destoner,
  * Pre cleaner with Aspirator
  * Africa Coffee Hullers as Mbuni Huller
  * Huller with Peeler and Polisher
  * Pneumatic Separator as Closed Circuit Catador as Winnower,
  * Densimetric (Gravity) Table as Gravity Table.
  * Vibro & Flat Deck Grader
  * Peaberry Separator for Green Coffee,
  * Coffee Colour Sorter machinery.
  * Green Coffee Storage Silos.
  * Receiving Hoppers
  * Coffee Sorting & Inspection Table for Women Garbling Tables.
  * Automatic Green coffee Bag weighing.
  * Jute Bags Sewing & Stitching Machinery
  * Green Coffee Belt conveyors.
  * All kind of Coffee Lab Equipments….like
        o Sample huller with Peeler & Polisher,
        o Small Cherry Huller.
        o Vibro Grader for Green Coffee Beans.
        o Sample Test Sieves,
        o Coffee Digital Moisture meter for 3 Types – Cheery, Parchment & Green coffee.
        o S. S. Coffee Pokers,
        o Sample Coffee Roaster
        o Sample Coffee Grinder
  *  Industrial Coffee Roasting machinery.
  * De Stoner for Roasted Green Coffee.
  * Air Conveyor for Green Coffee Feeding.
  * Coffee Grinder.
  * S.S. Coffee Blender as Mixer.
  * Coffee Powder Packing Machinery.
  * Inclined S.S. - Screw conveyor Machinery.
  * Semi Automatic & Automatic Powder filling machinery.
  * Super Sealer as Continues Band sealing machinery.
  * Suitable Control Panels assembly for the above machinery.

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement.

Integral Engineering
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