Wet Coffee Pulping Plant Machinery

Integral Engineering manufactures machinery for Wet processing as well as Dry processing. For wet processing Integral Engineering produces the machinery from the fruit stage to Parchment stage.


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Ripe cherry Coffee Fruits to Roasted Coffee Beans

In coffee plantation fruits plucked from the trees are collectively dumped into the fruit vat and from there starts the wet process. Initially Ripe fruits are pulped to remove the skin and washed to obtain wet parchment which is then dried under sunlight OR Drier which is the dry parchment. The fruits which are directly dried under sunlight are called as Dry Cherry. The schematic layout will be look alike the following with any one of the options indicated below:


Green Bean Separator

Integral offers this machinery to remove the Green unripe cherry from the bulk input of ripe cherry. As Green cherry is usually harder than Ripe cherry it is easily segregated by a screw type conveying mechanism.


Integral's green Cherry- Bean Separator


Cherry Feeder and Stone catcher

This is used to feed uniformly the cherry and also to catch small stone and other debris if present in the next stages apart from the pre cleaning level. Usually this will be attached with Disc pulper as an integral part and will be a separate unit when supplied with Aagard Pre Grader system.

Coffee Pulper Video

Horizontal Washer


Coffee Drum Pulpers

Integral Engineering offers different variants of pulper to process the cherry. We offer Drum pulper, Mini pulper and 1/2/3/4 Disc pulpers. These pulpers are used to remove the outer skin of the cherry and squeeze out the wet parchment.


Rotary Sieve

Integral offer an economic model to segregate the wet Parchment instead of Wet Coffee bean pre grader which segregates by size of the bean.
Mucilage remover / Washer
Integral manufactures both vertical and horizontal type mucilage remover. After Fermentation, This is used to wash the mucilage from the wet parchment efficiently without nibs and cuts.


Economic Pulpers for Farmers

INTEGRAL Engineering manufactures Hand operated Economic pulpers for small farmers who are having less than an acre of land. They can carry these small pulpers to the field and pulp the fruit there itself thereby reducing the weight of fruits carrying from field to drying yard.


Trinity Pulping Plant

Apart from the above regular machinery, We manufacture Trinity Pulping plant comprises of drum pulper / Rotary sieve and Mini Washer – A combo unit put together to satisfy the need of the small farmers.

Single Disc Pulper Coffee Pulper with Motor Coupled

Integral Engineering manufactures Single Disc Pulper Coffee Pulper with Motor Coupled


Single Disc Coffee Pulper with Motor Coupled


Single Disc Coffee Pulper & Motor Coupled

Two Disc Coffee Pulper with Motor Coupled

Integral Engineering manufactures Two Disc Pulper Coffee Pulper with Motor Coupled

Two Disc Coffee Pulper  Video

Integral Disc Pulpers are used in Wet Processing pulp ripe coffee fruit to parchment. The cherry comes from fruit tank and after processing through pulper the wet parchment is discharged into fermentation tanks. The water which is used to feed the cherry is recovered and re circulated.
Integral Disc Pulpers are used for both Arabica and Robusta varieties, They are manufactured with different variants from single disc to 4 discs according to the input cherry capacity to be processed.
The single disc can be manually operated with short frame mount.These pulpers are operated with Rigid chop rail option as well as Flexible chop rail option.
The cherry which comes from feed hopper is squeezed between the chop rail and disc bulb gap and later the skin is pulled by the disc to the rear side of the pulper and the coffee bean is pushed forward to the front side of the pulper. The gap between the disc bulb profile and the rigid chop rail can be adjusted according to the size of the fruit.
Our pulpers can handle one ton of input cherry / disc and operates efficiently without any biting of coffee beans.These pulpers can be operated with Diesel engine as well as electric power. 


4 Disc Eco Pulper with water recycle and
Screw Conveyor System


4 Discs Coffee Pulper Machinery Photo


Four Discs Eco Coffee Pulper & Vertical Washer


Four Discs Coffee Pulper with Screw Conveyor System

2 Discs Pulper / 4 Discs Pulper

Integral's  disc pulpers are used in Wet Processing Plants to pulp Ripe Coffee fruit to Parchment. The Coffee is fed from fruits tank and the wet parchment is discharged into the fermentation tanks. The water is recovered and recirculated.
 Integral Disc Pulpers can be used for Arabica and Robusta Varieties. They are made with one, two, three and four discs as per the capacities required. The disc pulpers can be configured with  Rigid chop or Flexible chop option. The pulping action takes place between the rubbing action of the bulbs on the disc and the lateral pulping bars called chop rails. The gap between the surface of the bulb and the chop rail can be adjusted to allow for any clearance that may be required according to the variety and size of coffee fruit processed. The hopper is fitted with a feed mechanism which ensures even feeding of the fruit to the disc surface.
Integral Disc pulpers require minimum amount of water for pulping and the water can be recirculated for reuse after filtering of skins. Disc pulpers can be run with Electric Motors or Diesel Engines  and have a capacity of 1000 kgs. of fruit intake per hour per disc. 

Aagaard  Pre Grader with Disc Pulper & Re passer Pulper

This Aagaard pre grader segregates the parchment both by size and weight and thus ensures the grade of the parchment, which then flows to the Fermentation tank. The un pulped or half pulped beans are again passed through the auxiliary pulper / Re passer Pulper to process further.


Aagaard Pre Grader with Disc Pulper
& Re passer Pulper

Integral Engineering takes great pleasure in introducing Disc Pulper system along with PreGrader & Repasser for Coffee Wet Processing System to produce a uniform quality of first grade parchment after pulping the entire input of ripe cherry coffee fruits. 
Integral-Cherry Feeder process fruit from the fruit tank/Siphon tank, a device to destone the fruits and a device to evenly spread them across the various Disc Pulp faces.This feeding system is not dependent on water for regulating the amount of cherry fed to the Pulper machinery, so very much less water is necessary than with the conventional feeding methods. The less water used during pulping, the less skins will be washed forward with the Wet parchment coffee. A regulating door ensures that the feed can be varied from 800Kgs to 4,000 Kgs of cherry per hour.
A Primary traditional Disc Pulper can be two,three or four Disc type depending on the capacities required. These Disc Pulpers are fitted with small type input hoppers. The Rigid chop rail/ Flexible chops option ensures that a wider range of fruit sizes is pulped with reduced nip damage.
Integral Pre Grader is placed between Main Pulper and Repasser Pulper in such a way that the first quality grade of wet Parchment coffee consisting of well pulped and uniform size coffee are removed by a wet sieving system in to firsts,seconds and lights.The firsts are discharged into a separation chamber for Paddlee levation to fermentation tanks while the seconds and lights are led to the Repasser Pulper. The PreGrader produces a First Quality Grade of well pulped and uniform size of wet parchment coffee, completely free from skins thereby making the final washing much easier.A Repasser Disc Pulper with either one (or) 2 Discs type is used for pulping of seconds parchment and lights fruit from the PreGrader machinery.
The Integral Pre Grader ensures a First Quality Grade wet Parchment coffee almost completely free from skins and second & lights grades reasonably free from skins, thereby making the final grading in the washing channel a very much easier operation than normally is the case. TheIntegral Pre Grader saves labour and gets rid of unwanted skins before fermentation,thereby much improving quality. The Integral Pre Grader is suitable for all makes of 2, 3 and 4 Disc Main Pulpers and also Cylindrical Pulpers.
The Integral Pre Grader ensures a First Quality Grade wet Parchment coffee almost completely free from skins and second & lights grades reasonably free from skins,thereby making the final grading in the washing channel a very much easier operation than normally is the case.The Integral Pre Grader saves labour and gets rid of unwanted skins before fermentation, thereby much improving quality. The Integral Pre Grader is suitable for all makes of 2, 3 and 4 Disc Main Pulpers and also Cylindrical Pulpers.

Eco Mini Coffee Pulping Plant

Integral manufactures Eco Mini Coffee Pulping Plant, a combined machinery that ensures that the entire pulping system works very efficiently with good quality wet parchment output using minimum water and manpower.


Aluminium Plates for Fermentation Tanks


Aluminium  Draining Plates for Fermentation Tanks


Image Description

VERTICAL WASHER (MucilageRemover)

Features of Vertical Washer (MucilageRemover) Machinery

* Vertical mucilage remover is used in the production of pulped coffee, fully washed or semi washed. It removes the mucilage, washes and cleans the wet parchment, washed cofiee will be ready for drying naturally or mechanically.
*Mucilage is removed by the friction between the beans themselves and the machine body in a gentle way with the help of pressure water to ensure the good quality of the final product.
*The wet parchment coffee process does not depend any more on great quantities of water.
*Our Ecopulper systems use the recycling of water to preserve the philosophy of the Ecologic wet pulping processing Systems and highest standards of washed coffee.
* Low water & power (10hpElectricalMotor) consumption to meet out efficient/quality output(1MT/Hr) of wet parchment reasonably. We have higher capacity of 2MT/hr model also. While mucilage removal from Robusta variety the capacities would be slightly lower.
* We use the highest quality of G.l. sheets for all sheet metal components and are fully powder coated for good finish and high quality.
* The quality of the wet parchment yield will be increased when compared to your past year's production.
* Value for product and quality output of Wet parchment. Our mucilage remover can be used for Arabica & Robusta varieties.
* Our entire wet pulping system will work very efficiently and will get quality output of wet parchment with minimum manpower & water saved.
* Inclusive of operating Manual with basic tools and foundation bolts. Suitable Base frame assembly and easy to couple with motor drive system.
*Dispatched in fully assembled condition. Advanced Engineering for long lasting, after sales support, spare parts supply to support continuous and trouble free operation.

Rotary Coffee Drier Machinery

Rotary coffee drier machinery is used to dry the Ripe Cherry fruits, Wet parchment and
Green coffee. Also used to reduce the moisture content of Dry cherry.

Rotary / Flat Deck Hot air Drier

Integral builds both rotary batch type drier and Flat deck chain Drier. This is being used to dry the parchment effectively and quickly.


10,000 Litres batch Drier

Rotary Coffee Dryer

Integral Engineering – Rotary coffee drier machinery is used to dry the Ripe Cherry fruits, Wet parchment and Green coffee. Also used to reduce the moisture content of Dry cherry. We offer this drier combined with heat exchanger having the option of using firewood / Coal, Coffee husk, Briquette, Diesel or Gas burner to generate hot air. This hot air is passed through the drier using a high speed blower to spread the hot air inside the drying chamber.
In our Drier application,
 *  Initially wet parchments are to be dried in Direct Sunlight‐ drying yards to eliminate the water in the
     wet parchment and then it is transferred to our mechanical drier with the capacity of 4,000 Litres/ Batch.
 *  Our dryer can achieve 1 – 1.25 % moisture reduction with the Hot air Generator (max temp 40 – 50
    Degree Centigrade), But please note that, the Dryer drum part would be having 40 – 42 Centigrade only.
 *  Input coffee Moisture is 35 % and output moisture will be 12.50 % (It will take around 24 Hrs /Batch ‐
    Approx...) In addition, the moisture reduction will be faster when the Dryer Drum gets heated.
 *  Drier Drum RPM is 2 ‐ 3 only.
Our “COFFEE DRYER” Includes....
  *  Complete Rotary Dryer Drum assembly.
  *  Dynamic Balance blower.
  *  Heat Exchanger arrangement.
  *  The fuel is OPTIONS for firewood, Coal, coffee husk Briquette and Diesel Burner.
  *  Coffee Loading and Unloading with help of Elevator.
  *  Sample Coffee Digital Moisture Meter.
Special features:
*  The Integral Engg’s Rotary dryer suitable for coffee and grains, (Coffee, pepper, beans, cocoa, rice, etc...), was developed utilizing the most advanced technology available, aiming at a better cost‐benefit for the end user in his drying operation.
*  The equipment is enabling the drying of the coffee directly from drying yard, eliminating the long time, and space consumption is comparably less from sun drying.
*  This rotary dryer can accommodate different crops to dry at the same time; this innovative system is “EXCLUSIVE" belongs to Integral Engineering. The specially designed drum compartment can hold different capacity of input loads depending on the requirement of the producer.
*  Strong reinforced structure.
*  Possibility of drying smaller volume is possible.
*  Reduce cost of maintenance.

Optional Requirement:
Customer has to be confirm the following options while ordering :
*  Heat Generation by LPG gas, Coal, firewood/husk fired, diesel burner.
*  Food grade Plastic bucket elevator (loading /discharge).
*  Overhead loading silo with aeration arrangement for next batch coffee storing.
*  Coffee husk feed machinery is available for hot furnace.
*  Internal drum divisions to allow variable capacity loading and different type of raw materials. 


Rotary Coffee dryer

VIEW OF 4000 litres / Batch Drier with Hot air Duct 

Integral Engineering – Rotary Coffee Dryer machinery specification details
Input capacity : 4000 litres per batch
Brake Gear Motor : 5 HP to drive the Dryer Drum
Hot Air Blower : 3 HP
Elevator Assembly : 1.5 HP Geared motor

Rotary Coffee Dryer Machinery (Input Capacity of Wet parchment Coffee 4,000 Liters /Batch)
It consists of Dryer Drum in Two Sections with solid M.S. support frame and baffle plate for uniform moisture
reduction in wet parchment coffee, suitable Blower with Control assembly, Temp Indicator in Dryer Drum &
Blower chute assembly.
Provision available for inspecting the Sample coffee, Hot Furnace with Chimney Pipe arrangement along with
The fuel is dried firewood, coal, coffee husk briquette, etc.
Dynamic Blower and Heat Exchanger to hot air control arrangement.
Coffee Moisture Meter can be supply for every stage Sample Inspection along with Dryer machinery.
Six meter length Chimney Pipe to remove unwanted smoke. Gear Wheel, Chain Sprockets, Pulleys, Belts, Base
frame assy with foundation bolts.
Ten Meter Height Elevator (Loading & Unloading coffee) with synthetic belt 5” plastic Bucket, reverse brake arrangements,
suitable butterfly valve / Divider pipe & general pipes assy to coffee transfer


4000 litres Batch Drier


80 % of volume of the Drum has to be loaded with coffee and remaining space is required for coffee shuffling while rotating
the drum.


Rotary drier

Digital Coffee Moisture Meter


For further details please contact us with your exact requirement and the capacity.

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