Bucket Elevator

bucket elevator

Bucket Elevator is suitable for transporting of Coffee in Dry Mill Plant where it performs elevating in between processing machineries. Integral Engineering Bucket Elevators are designed and built for gentle handling of materials with long life service and rugged duty. Elevators designed in such a way that their height's can either be increased (or) decreased at any stage according to requirements of changes in site conditions / according to other feeding point of the machinery. The basic height starts from 4.0 meters.


  • The elevator boot has adjustment device for belt tensioning and cleanout door on both sides.
  • There is Plexiglas window for visual inspection and for convenient and safe monitoring of belt and bucket's.
  • Elevator Buckets will be supplied in standard plastic, poluethylene or optionally steel.
  • In the bottom section of the Elevator Drop down Clean-out Panels available to provide easy access and clean out materials from bottom of the elevator.
  • Heavy-Gauge Trunking ensures structural integrity and is available at all elevator box sections.
  • Durable synthetic Rubber (2 ply) or PVC Belting - engineered to strength with bucket bolts requirements for longer period.
  • Belt tension devices will be provided with the machine.

Elevator Installed


Stainless Steel Bucket Elevator


Elevator discharge section and Buckets assembly


De stoner

This dry de stoner removes the stone and Iron scrap if any from the input material . It works nicely such that removes even small stones and other impurities /shell, based on the vacuum created by the cyclone fan Lighter material collected at the airlock discharge and heavier material stones and iron material are collect at the discharge end of De stoner. Thus prevents the subsequent process machinery, getting damaged

Technical Specification

Model IDS-1 IDS-2 IDS-3
Capacity T/hr 2 to 4 4 to 5 5 to 6
Power in HP for motor and
Cyclone fan
2 x 0.75
2 x 0.75
Gross weight Kg 450 650 1050
Nett Weight Kg 250 350 750
Shipping Volume in m³ 2.75 4 6
De stoner
Destoner Details


Destoner with Cyclone and Air Lock system



destoner layout


Pre cleaner cum De stoner along with Dynamic Blower assembly Cyclone with Airlock and Bucket Elevator Machinery

Pre cleaner


Pre cleaner

Pre cleaner

Integral Pre cleaner removes the twigs, unwanted material like strings, rope and muds from the bulk input material.

This separation is achieved by a series of screens, the first screen removing large size impurities like leaf, big stone, rope etc.. While the bottom screen removes fine particles of sand and dust. The middle screen separates the coffee and delivers it to the next processing machinery. In order to further improve the efficiency of cleaning an Air Sifter is used after the pre cleaning.

Technical Specification

Model IPC-1 IPC-2 IPC-1R IPC-2R
Input green Coffee Capacity- Ton /hr for Double deck 1800 - 2000 4500 - 5000 1800 - 2000 4500 - 5000
Power in HP 0.75 2 x 0.75 0.75 2 x 0.75
Power required for Fan + Air lock 2.2 + 0.75 4 + 0.75 2.2 + 0.75 4 + 0.75
Gross weight in Kg 950 1150 1000 1200
Nett Weight in Kg 600 800 700 900
Shipping Volume in m³ 6 9 8 11


Africa Huller

Integral Africa Coffee Hullers are capable of hulling Dry Cherry Coffee. The coffee fruits plucked from the tree are dried well under the sunlight and dried well to attain moisture content less than 11%

The hulling of dry cherry takes place due to the impact of cherry with the hulling blade and the friction between the hulling ribs and the cylinder. The ribs which are mounted on the feed end of hulling cylinder enables smooth feeding and at the outlet end triangle ribs lifts the coffee bean to discharge it effectively.

The husk from the processed coffee collected under the woven wire mesh will be sucked by the fan and thrown outside the coffee mill..

Technical Specification

Sl.No. Description IAH-1 IAH-2 IAH-5 IAH-6
1. Input of dry cherry to process per hour in Kg 900 -1000 450 - 500 200 - 300 90 -100
2. Hulling cylinder speed in RPM 400 450 550 250
3. Horse Power of the machinery 20 to 30 15 to 20 5 1
4. Husk blower Speed in RPM 1500 1500 1500 NA
5. Gross Weight in Kg 950 - 1000 550 -600 300 -350 100 -125
6. Nett Weight in Kg 850 500 275 65
7. Shipping Volume in m³ 3.5 2.2 1.7 1.5
Africa Huller


Peeler Polisher

Peeler Polisher

Peeler & Polisher Machinery to hull the Dry Parchment coffee only

Peeler Polisher - 500 kg/ hr to process both Parchment and Cherry

INTEGRAL Peeler polisher is used to peel the parchment skin and polishes the Green Coffee bean and similarly for other agricultural products too.

Peeler polish will provide best polish provided the moisture content should be less than 11%. With high moisture content machine will struck and with the lesser moisture content the coffee beans will get break.

Technical Specification

Sl.No. Description IPP-1 IPP-2 IPP-3 IPP-4
1. Output of Green coffee kg/hr 1800 - 2000 800 - 1000 450 - 500 90 - 100
2. Cone Speed in RPM 60 80 120 150
3. Horse Power of the machinery 40 20 10 2.5
4. Horse power of Blower 5 3 2 1
5. Gross Weight in Kg 2200 1250 1050 450
6. Nett Weight in Kg 1500 850 600 250
7. Shipping Volume in m³ 6 4.5 4 2.5


Pneumatic Separator / Winnower

Integral Pneumatic separators are used for fine separation of heavy beans from light beans. The coffee beans and other products are fed into the air current where separation is carried out by density differences and light matter is carried up and exit via the lights outlet.

This separate dust, shells, immature beans, stones and extraneous matter from dry coffee through suitable adjustments in operating speeds and air quantities..

Technical Specification

Sl.No. Description IPS-1 IPS-2 Lab
1. Output of Green coffee kg/hr 800 - 1000 250 -300
2. Horse Power of the machinery 3 1
3. Gross Weight in Kg 900 250
4. Nett Weight in Kg 500 150
5. Shipping Volume in m³ 3.6 0.8
Pneumatic Separator

Mini Aspirator

mini aspirator


Flat Deck Grader / Destoner cum Grader - Eccentric Drive

Integral grader is used to grade the Coffee bean according to the size defined by coffee board standards. Cylindrical grader consists of array of cylinders assembled with spiral inside and covered with perforated screen from small size to higher size in sequence. In coffee Grade A, Grade B and Grade C are segregated apart from PB (Pea berry) grade.

Cylindrical Grader Double Deck

Grader with De stoner & Pre Cleaner, Cyclone assy - 3 in 1 Machinery

Cylindrical Grader Single Deck
Flat Deck Grader
Flat Deck Vibro Grader

Flat Deck Vibro Grader Machinery to hull the Dry Parchment coffee only

Technical Specifications of different variants with Double Deck model

Model ICG-1 ICG-2 ICG-3 ICG-4
Input green Coffee Capacity- Ton /hr for Double deck 1250 to 1500 800 to 1000 300 to 500 150 to 200
Power in HP 4 3 2 1
Gross weight in Kg 4000 2800 1900 1100
Nett Weight in Kg 3000 2000 1000 750
Shipping Volume in m³ 30 15 10 9


Gravity Separator / Densimetric Table

Based on the weight of the material this machinery will segregate the light , medium and heavy weight materials using fluidized bed of air.

Gravity Separator / Densimetric Table machinery along with related machinery is Storage SILO and Bucket Elevator


Coffee Bean Roaster and Grinder

Finally after the complete process of obtaining the coffee bean we offer Roaster and grinders from renowned manufacturer of ITALY roasting machine and Grinders.

Domestic / Small shop Coffee Roasters

Everyone prefers to drink a fresh coffee with Aroma and good taste lingering in their mouth for a while.

This Coffee Roaster is best suitable for domestic / small shop where usually less than 1Kg can be roasted and then coffee powder is made with the grinders.

Domestic / Small shop  Coffee Roasters


Domestic/ Small shop Coffee Grinders

Domestic / Small shop  Coffee Grinders
Domestic / Small shop  Coffee Grinders
Domestic / Small shop  Coffee Grinders

For further details please contact us with your exact requirement

Technical Specification

- Power 350 W
- Grinding Blades Ø 64 mm
- Grinding Blade speed 1400/min (50 Hz) - 1600/min (60 Hz)
- Hopper capacity 1.2 Kg
- Ground-coffee container capacity 280 g
- Dose adjustment 5.5 - 9 g
- Net Weight 13 Kg


Digital Coffee Moisture Meter