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Coffee Roaster Machinery

Coffee Roasting, Grinding, Blending and Sealing Machinery

Integral Engineering Coffee Roasters are professional roasters which excel in quality, appearance and functionalities. The high quality level in combination with the excellent service and constant availability of the support team, makes Integral Engineering Coffee Roasters into one of the top brands of coffee roasters. When delivered to the roaster in burlap sacks, the coffee bean ranges in color from light brown to whitish green to a lovely bluish, emerald green. The beans are always stored in their raw, or green, state. Roasted whole beans begin to deteriorate in flavor within days after roasting, and ground coffee may taste stale within an hour of grinding, whereas green coffee, stored in cool, dry, well-ventilated conditions, remains stable for years.

The exact nature of the equipment used to roast coffee depends on the ambitions of the roaster. Most large commercial roasters resemble a gigantic screw rotating inside a drum. The screw works the coffee down the drum; by the time the coffee reaches the end of the drum, it is roasted and ready to be cooled by air or water. The temperature is controlled automatically, and the roaster includes equipment that monitors both the air temperature and the temperature inside the moving mass of beans to monitor their progress. Such roasters are called continuous roasters for obvious reasons and are inappropriate for specialty coffee roasting because they cost too much, roast too much coffee at a time, and cannot be easily stopped to reload with new and different kinds of coffee.

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coffee roaster


coffee roaster
coffee roaster

5 KG Per Batch Coffee Roaster Machinery


Air Conveyor System / Pneumatic Conveyor

Coffee beans are being conveyed to roster hopper using pneumatic conveying.

Air Conveyor System
Air Conveyor System


Coffee Blending Machinery

coffee blending machinery


Coffee Grinder Machinery

To grind the roasted coffee bean

Coffee Grinder Machinery
Coffee Grinder Machinery
Coffee Grinder Machinery

Coffee Grinder machinery for Roasted coffee Beans only


Coffee Powder Sealing Machinery

Packing and Sealing machinery – To pack the coffee powder

Coffee Powder Sealing Machinery


Coffee Roast Style Chart

Roast Color Name of Roast Bean Surface Ave. Bean Temp.
(at end of roast)
Acidity Body Aroma Sweetness Comments
coffee roast color Light Brown/ Cinnamon Dry 380- 400° F
"First crack"
High Weak Medium Low Very light roast that is rarely used. Can taste grainy and sour.
coffee roast color Medium light Brown/ American Dry 400- 415° F High Full Full Mild Common roast in eastern US
coffee roast color Full Medium Brown/ City Dry 415- 435° F
"second crack"
High Full Strong Mild Common roast in western US
(Prefered Roasting)
coffee roast color Medium-dark brown/ Full City/ Viennese/ Light French Slight oily surface 435- 445° F Medium Very full Strong Strong Common roast in Pacific northwest
coffee roast color Dark brown/ French/ Espresso Shiny surface 445-460° F Low Full Medium Full Common roast for France and Italy
coffee roast color Very dark (nearly black)/ Dark French/ Spanish Very shiny surface 460- 480° F Very low Weak Mild Low Burned tones are distinct or even dominate. Not popular in the US.

*Note: the above colors may not be accurate due to color changes that can occur with individual computer and web browser settings.